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5 Nighttime Secrets for Maintaining Natural Hair

Nighttime hair tips for natural hairMany women go into a natural hair state believing it will be “easier” and not as much maintenance. But the truth is… while you may not have to sit at the beauty salon for hours upon hours per week, you do still need to make a commitment to care for your tresses.

Maintaining a natural hair state, especially a two or three strand twist-out, is going to take some work. Our main goal as women is to maintain something that is great for the office during work hours, and can be “turnt-up” a bit for evenings and weekends.

Here are some recommendations for maintaining your natural hair at night:

1. After the initial twist, you may be able to go a night or stretch it to two nights without retwisting. But by night three, you’ll definitely want to re-twist. The key is to twist it loosely, in an effort to maintain the curl pattern. For women with longer hair, you can always pull your hair up to the crown of your head and loosely pin it up.

2. Try not to wet the hair again. But if you must saturate your hair… we recommend starting from scratch, with tighter and smaller twists.

3. Using a satin pillow case or a satin bonnet is always recommended. This not only helps keep moisture in your hair, it also helps with breakage.

4. Once you wake up, you’ll want to rub a little oil on your hair before styling to help the hair look fresh and alive.

5. Don’t manipulate the hair too much. If you are wearing natural hair, you’ll need to understand that no two days are going to be exactly alike. And that’s ok. Rock what you have and work it, girl!


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