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Buchanan Launches New Brand, Website

Kimberly Buchanan, SOUL News Network’s CEO, recently announced the launch of a new website centered around her own, personal brand. A veteran entrepreneur who spends her days consulting global, multi-billion dollar companies on high-level projects, Kimberly is now sharing what she’s learned over the past 20-plus years with other women who desire to pursue career aspirations and business ownership.

“Over the years, I’ve encountered so many women who have given up on their dreams,” said Buchanan. “Often times it’s because they’re scared to try something new, don’t know where to start or simply overwhelmed and on the edge of burnout due to work commitments and everything else that needs to get done. I bothers me to see women who are putting themselves on the very bottom of their to-do list or feeling like they’re fulfilling the needs of everyone around them, but not their own. That makes it almost impossible to live the life you want to live.”

Affectionately referred to as an Efficiency Master, Kimberly is putting her More Life Method out there for people who are ready to take the next steps. She’s sharing what she’s learned about how to manage six-figure contracts, and still get on with the rest of life.

“I’ve worked along-side some of the brightest people in the world,” said Buchanan. “And what I’ve learned from them is how to do things better, cheaper and faster than anyone else in the marketplace. Their brand is their business. And planning effectively for success is a must.”

When asked if these techniques have led to her current success, Buchanan replied, “Absolutely. I’m telling you it’s possible to exceed your career and financial goals, and still shuttle the kids to practice, games and other activities. I know because I live this life. You don’t have to choose one or the other; you simply need to plan better. But one thing I can guarantee is that no matter your goals – you will never experience the life you want to live, unless you properly plan to live it. And that’s what I’m all about now – Planning Well and Living More.”

Learn about Kimberly Buchanan and take advantage of her FREE resources, tools and tips at



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