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Friends of RVC endorse Bennett for Board of Trustees

Romero BennettFriends of Rock Valley College, a political action committee launched to support candidates who understand the value of community colleges and the need for quality education, has announced their endorsement of Romero Bennett.  A Rockford resident, Bennett hopes to fill one of the three seats available on the seven-member Rock Valley College Board of Trustees.

“We, the Friends of RVC, believe that providing quality education to the people who will become a part of this community must be the priority of the RVC Board of Trustees. Our mission is to ensure balanced perspectives and the forward progress of the RVC Board through support of candidates that share our vision for the College and community. For the April 9, 2013, RVC Board Elections, we are endorsing Romero Bennett.”

Bennett, who spends his days as President of Blue Sky Insurance, says he appreciates the recent endorsement and he’s never been more ready to dedicate himself for the duration of the six-year term. “How we view our community and how we view ourselves is what the rest of the world sees and experiences,” said Bennett.  “My goal is to inspire the community and the students to be agents of change by making the choice to pursue higher education. That starts with Rock Valley College.”

As a trustee, Benet said he will support the school’s president, faculty and staff in their mission to educate, while preserving the legacy and continued education at Rock Valley College for generations to come.


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