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The Cinderella Project returns for a second year

In early April 2012, two young women, Destiny Kelley and Jazz Keyes, launched Rockford’s very own “Cinderella Project.” The project was created out of a need to combat the financial struggle that some young women and their families face during this time of the year – prom season.

Project Founder Destiny Kelley says, “While the Cinderella Project theme and mission can be seen nationwide, we felt it was essential to create a similar initiative right here in our own community because as we all know our city has been one of the hardest hit by the recession.”

The project’s ultimate goal is to encourage resilience in our young women and to reward them for pushing through the obstacles and hardships they endure on their road to success. These young women have the potential to touch the stars; all they need is to know that someone believes in them.

“The Rockford Community has shown these girls that we care. The encouragement and support we have received from the residents and local businesses have been breathtaking. To witness so many individuals selflessly give their time, money and services is humbling.” said Jazz Keyes, Project co-founder.

The Cinderella Project is back for the 2nd year

The project is, at its core, about rewarding girls for their accomplishments.  It’s about recognition for staying in school, for all the hard work and about making sure every girl gets to have the memories of prom. It’s also about self-esteem and reinforcing that these girls can be whatever they want to be.

Prom is not just a dance – it is a milestone. Prom is a rite of passage too important for any girl to miss. We want these girls to know that they are not bound by personal or financial circumstances and that the possibilities are endless for them. To launch this project, we will rely on monetary donations from individuals and corporate sponsors to fund our efforts to make a difference in the lives of others.

If you’d like to volunteer, donate, or would like more information about the Cinderella Project of Rockford, contact Destiny Kelley at, or Jazz Keyes at,

  1. Donate: we are relying heavily on individuals donating either monetarily or with services. If you cannot donate money but have a service we can make use of such as make-up artist, florist, beautician, restaurant gift certificates, accessories, etc. please donate your skills. Every penny counts!
  2. Rally around the cause and spread the word! Let us be a community of people that encourage children to chase their dreams! It takes a village!


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